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Communications Data Sheet  

      Wireline Communications Solutions

Nuntius Systems has developed optimized speech processing and telecommunications physical layer software for Texas Instruments, Motorola, Analog Devices and other DSP chip and IP suppliers. Nuntius Systems has licensed DSP algorithms and also provided engineering and software integration services to OEMs in the wireline communications markets. This has lead to the development of expertise in many aspects of these applications and has provided a navigable path to the emerging VoIP/VoDSL broadband application areas.

Nuntius Systems now develops complete integrated solutions for VoIP and VoDSL applications, with current development focused on the DSP, RISC and families of synthesizable cores

Voice over Packet (VoP)
  • Speech Codecs
    G.711, G.722, G.729A, G.729B, G.729AB, G.729E

  • Telephony Software
    VAD, DTMF, G.165, G.168

  • Network Layer
    RTP/RTCP, H.323

  • Data and Fax Modems
    V.34fax, V.17 / V.29 / V.27ter, T.38,
  • Presentations
  • Components of a VoP implementation
  • White Papers
  • MPLS
  • Broadband Communication
  • Data Sheet
  • Telecom Solutions

  •       Wireless Communications Solutions

    The advent of second-generation (2G) cellular communications brought digital communications schemes to improve capacity and add services to customers. Although the main function of cellular phones was voice information, some useful services such as caller ID and SMS (Short Message Service) added value to the cellular community. Now that the Internet is becoming pervasive and ubiquitous, the future of cellular communications is turning to data. The data services will be introduced into the cellular network in the form of an augmented intermediate system (2.5G) followed by high speed Internet access in third generation (3G) cellular systems with data rates up to 2 Million bits per second.

    Nuntius is poised to facilitate this transition with software solutions for mobile handset developers. The GSM protocol stack, as shown below, is the 2G cellular system supported by Nuntius. In 2.5G systems, solutions are provided for GPRS and EDGE systems that build upon the GSM and TDMA networks. With eventual migration to the 3G UMTS standard, Nuntius has solutions and expertise today to help handset developers accelerate time to market. Nuntius will use their expertise in the DSP algorithms of the lower layers as well as protocol experience in the upper layers to provide solutions at any level to its customers.

    Wireless Standards
    Global System for Mobile (GSM)
    General Packet Radio Service (GPRS)
    Enhanced Data-Rates for Global Evolution (EDGE)
    3G / Universal Mobile Telecommunication System (UMTS)

          Multimedia Solutions
    Audio Codecs

            1. MPEG-2 AAC
            2. MP3
            3. MPEG-4 Audio
    Video Codecs

            1. H.261
            2. H.263

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