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Nuntius Systems, founded in 1994, is an electronics hardware, software and technology company focused on delivering leading edge solutions encompanssing broadband wireline, wireless digital communication and multimedia technology for consumer, commercial and industrial applications. Nuntius develops analog and digital electronics hardware products supported by firmware/software solutions based upon accepted standards and extended with our highly skilled and proprietary optimizing techniques. Nuntius aims to provide its customers with the best price- performance point in the industry. Nuntius also assists its customers in reducing their time-to-market through its support and customizing services. Nuntius believes in delivering solutions that work !

Attain a premier market position that is built on a solid reputation for technology leadership and quality. Set, embrace and extend advanced digital packet-based communication and multimedia standards by focusing on broadband digital wireless and wireline communication applications. We provide solutions that surpass performance requirements by offering leading edge innovation, superior functionality and proven quality.

Develop communications and multimedia technology focussed hardware, software and firmware products that significantly "raise the bar" in value to our customers, in both, quality and performance.

With over 9 years dedicated to developing high quality solutions, Nuntius specializes in high performance transmission protocol and multimedia elements for wireline and wireless digital communications networks. As the information technology age accelerates, a critical need in satisfying user demand is the efficient transportation and compression of large quantities of information over a digital packet network. At Nuntius, our highly skilled and specialized staffs push the complex sciences of communications, computation and enhance the client's technology to maximize both the quality and quantity of data transmission. The products we create are typically in the "physical layer" of the communications system, using innovative hardware and software technology that reliably conveys digital information with encoded transmission waveforms.

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